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Brooke Bechtold

Founder, HOST and Executive Producer

Please meet Brooke Bechtold.  That’s me.  I want to tell you a bit about myself because I also want to know a bit about you.  Learning about people and getting them to share their stories is what I’m doing as a legacy coach.  But I’m a little ahead of myself.

I grew up just outside of Chicago in a very art-centric, creative household. Now my family includes, a husband, two boys, the best life-long friends’ money can buy, two grandads, sisters and brothers-in-law,  and a cadre of dogs – including Stowe. I love most are my interactions with people.  A few years ago, I poured myself into my life coaching coursework — and here I am today–doing what I love, but with a twist.

People describe me as charismatic, industrious, and enthusiastic.  In my various positions I’ve had to interact with retirees, with busy families, with aging parents, with senior executives and Rhodes scholars.  Being engaged with these people has always opened doors – just by listening.  It’s allowed me to dive deeper into how people’s stories affect families, friends and communities.  Today I’m the president and founder at Humm Productions and creator and host at HummbleBragg.




There is little, if anything, organically “humble” or reflective about a terrier and Stowe is no exception.  She is all westie – from the tip of her small, black nose down to her wild tail, she is on.  Always, always on.  But what she lacks in calm, she more than makes up for – she loves her people.

Stowe joined our family the summer of 2015 on our way home from Vermont.  With a nod to Harriet Beecher Stowe and our love for the green mountain state, our Stowe was named.  When she isn’t by my side on assignment or in the recording studio, she’s chasing squirrels out of our vegetable garden or snuggled in for a good cuddle with our boys. DOOR!  She is our bragg.


Christine Murdoch

Senior Producer and Editor

A Jersey girl at heart, Christine has called Chicago home for over 25 years, and we’re thankful that she brings that east coast grit with her to Hummblebragg.   She’s a warrior at work and play and has the energy reserves of someone half her age.   A skilled linguist, historian and teacher, her professional career has taken her from the United Nations to Radio City Music Hall to the classroom.  She’s a champion for causes other than her own, and is a pro at the opposite of photobombing.  Her happy place is in the mountains, so when taking a break from Team Humm, you’ll likely find her hiking, skiing or on a conservation crusade.     She’s been married to the same guy for nearly 3 decades, has four kick ass kids and to prove it has a grand-puppy we call Soup.  Brutally honest and one of the hardest working people I know, we are thankful to have Christine on our team as Senior Producer and Editor.

Matt Wheeler


Since arriving to earth in an egg as an infant, Matt has been consumed with the idea of good sound.  His parents, both R&B pioneers on their home planet, instilled a passion for low country bbq, water sports and vocal trickery    Today Matt splits his time between being an accounting savant for zoos in Europe and touring Renaissance festivals dressed as Geppetto.  He carved his puppet, Flash, from his carrier egg.  But his true calling is mixing and mastering HummbleBragg.

Elle Lively

Music Curator

Elle Lively is the owner of Crooked Tree Creative, a music management, booking and consulting company based in Grand Haven, MI.  She is also Executive Director of the Michigan Music Alliance, a 501(c)3 whose mission is to provide the Michigan music community with music business education programming and rich community building experiences that create lasting connection and collaboration.   Elle is the former tour manager for the indie-folk-rock phenomenon, The Accidentals, and is currently managing Earth Radio, Max Lockwood, and Scott Pellegrom.  

Pat Brozowski


Pat has never been one to shy away from an opportunity to feed her curiosity.  In fact, that’s her favorite word.  Her career was built on keeping her ear to the ground – listening to friends, colleagues and most importantly her mentors.  Pat is a communicator.  The pinnacle of her career she was the VP of Communications for FMC Corp – a diversified Fortune 100 company.  She has traveled the world both professionally and personally.  Her humm lies in understanding and encouraging others to know more, to build friendships and appreciate the wisdoms of history.  Originally from the South side of Chicago Pat, now in retirement, mentors and coaches.  She reads and she spends as much time as she can with her wonderful family and dearest of friends.  She brings her purple pen, signature copy edits and warmth to Team Humm like no one else ever could.


Jack Bechtold


Jack is in his final semesters studying sociology at the University of Vermont.  His curiosity for other peoples’ stories feeds his fascination for social patterns and solutions.  An avid reader, Jack believes that history is one of our greatest assets.  He lives with his Saint Bernard/Newfoundland mix dog, Harry – a gentle giant with paws the size of dinner plates and a heart of gold.  As our intern Jack engages with our guests, assists with research and will travel to help on location when time permits.

CJ D'Amico

Associate Producer/Researcher

CJ Damico went from the north shore of Chicago, to Denver, and back again. While in the Rocky Mountains he honed his love for storytelling and their curation. A creative writing major allows him to expertly assist in the foundation and narration of our shows. He splits his time between working on your favorite podcast, and making sure he wrote down your order right at the local Italian restaurant. When not working you can find him binge listening to the newest show, or waist deep in the latest Stephen King novel, probably with his favorite Daschund-Lab mix, Trixie, curled between his legs.


Andrew Sax


Who wrote that awesome intro jingle to the HummbleBragg show, right?  That’s me! My name is Andrew Sax and I am a junior at the University of Vermont with a major in Spanish. I’m from Philadelphia, birthplace of the cheesesteak, the Declaration of Independence, and the NFL’s greatest football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. In my free time I am an avid snowboarder and a member of the national ski patrol. Playing guitar, I love to write music and record small projects!  Music’s ability to dictate an atmosphere and evoke memories has always been the driving force behind my passion.

Mike Leonard

Post production assistance and mentoring