You can’t win ‘em all. Or can you?

Welcome to the paradox that dives into the HummbleBragg.
A show with a social side.

Our mission at HummbleBragg is to highlight the extraordinary work of ordinary people, just like you and me, who are making social responsibility strides in their communities.  When you make a donation to the Hummblebragg 30% of your gift will be donated back to the episode charity of your choice.  

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We are excited about continuing this storytelling and social responsibility journey with you.  Thank you.

HummbleBragg is a new podcast that explores the personal stories of people in their own words. On the show we meet folks who are living their extraordinary lives just like you and me.

Have you ever wondered how everyone else does it? 
An extraordinary life is built on trial and error - humble moments and brag moments. Our two-guest show exemplified how an ordinary life is really quite extraordinary. People need to share what matters to them and we need to listen. It’s the philosophy of listening. 

What do you notice and wonder?
This show is a way for people to really enjoy one another, to listen and learn about someone else’s questions, journey and wisdoms and to feel inspired. Maybe even try something new. When we are more engaged and heard creativity sparks, productivity, adaptability and resiliency increase. 

How does your story go? Welcome.  We’re glad you’re here.

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